11 Top-Rated Skinny Recipes Under 275 Calories (2024)

11 Top-Rated Skinny Recipes Under 275 Calories (1)

Maybe you know those family-favorite comfort food recipes aren’t doing your body any favors. Perhaps you just want new low-calorie recipes that taste like they were made out of real, yummy foods instead of cardboard. Let us help you out! These best 11 skinny recipes under 275 calories are waist-smart additions to your healthy menu planning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re starting to change your eating habits in favor of nutritious foods. But it doesn’t need to be stressful. For example, rather than jumping into a brand new eating plan for every meal, try to swap in one healthy meal per day to start. This week, maybe you’ll start with nutritious new entrees. In another week, add lunchtime skinny recipes, like these soups and sandwiches, to the meal plan.

Once the family is used to those foods, begin serving good-for-the-body snacks, such as 20 Healthy Snacks with Fewer than 75 Calories. Healthy menu planning doesn’t need to be a hassle. Here at Skinny Ms., our team works hard to develop and find the best low-calorie recipes, the kind that actually taste good without loading you up with the sugar, fat, and calories that add pounds—and dress sizes. Start making your healthy meal plans today with these fan-favorite recipes.

Best 11 Skinny Recipes Under 275 Calories

1. Skinny Lasagna Rolls (pictured above) Skinny Ms. Founder, Gale Compton, developed this alternative to traditional lasagna recipes. It offers individual-sized portions at just 240 calories per serving. This recipe won the Joyful Cook-Off on the Today Show’s Kathie Lee & Hoda—yeah, we’re proud! Give it a go yourself and see why.

2. Skinny Slow Cooker Cheesy Spaghetti with Turkey Sausage From kids to carnivores and everyone in between, this slow cooker meal is one of those skinny recipes everyone will dig into. The link above shares two recipe options: with turkey sausage (256 calories) or without turkey sausage (192 calories).

3. Baked Parmesan Chicken Easy. Tasty. Healthy. Low-calorie recipes don’t come any better than this good-for-you twist on a classic dish. It delivers less than 197 calories per serving—and you’ll enjoy every single calorie! 4. Quinoa and Vegetable Stir-Fry This Asian-inspired recipe combines veggies with the superfood quinoa for a protein-and fiber-rich entrée. Save time on a busy weeknight by preparing the quinoa the day before. This recipe has 250 calories a serving. (Learn 6 Steps to Perfect Quinoa.)

5. Skinny Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Roast When you need healthy recipes that please even the pickiest easier, then this classic dish should be on your go-to list. This roast is an easy slow cooker meal, and it comes in at a skinnylicious 178 calories per serving.

6.Twice-Baked PotatoesWhen you need low-calorie recipes for a side dish, give this a try. Like your favorite twice-baked tater recipes, this one is loaded with taste—but not dripping with fat and calories. Each potato has just 104 calories.

7. We skinniedup the family-favorite with this recipe, which has just 185 calories per serving. It’s super-simple to make and goes well with many entrées.

8. Superfoods Smoothie Whether you need a breakfast pick-me-up or a light lunch, this fan-favorite smoothie fits the bill. It’s packed with seven stupendous superfoods that nourish the body, head to toe, including those muscles you need to handle a workout. Enjoy it at home or fill your favorite to-go tumbler for a healthy and nutritious energy boost.

11 Top-Rated Skinny Recipes Under 275 Calories (2)

9. Skinny Fruit and Yogurt Salad With fewer than 140 calories per serving and a light taste, you’ll love to whip up this recipe for yourself, family, and friends. It’s refreshing, easy to make, and has zero fat.

10. Crustless Asparagus Quiche Breakfast is a smart place to get your low-calorie foods. Get your day off to a super-healthy start with one of our top breakfast recipes. One slice packs vitamins A, C, and K, plus iron—all for 53 calories per slice.

11. Skinny Breakfast Sausage You don’t need to ditch your favorite breakfast tastes to adopt a low-cal lifestyle. Use lean turkey to make this filling addition to the morning meal. One patty has 85 calories.

Load your menu with other low-calorie recipes! Try Weight-Loss Friendly Entrees- 7 Dishes Under 290 Calories and 7 Quick-Prep Dinners Under 270 Calories.

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11 Top-Rated Skinny Recipes Under 275 Calories (2024)
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