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Understanding Walmart Termination Policy 2023

In recent times, Walmart, the world's largest private employer with over 2.2 million staff, has been in the spotlight due to layoffs amidst growing concerns about inflation and consumer spending. If you find yourself among those affected, it's crucial to be well-informed about Walmart's Termination Policy 2023 to protect your rights and interests. In this article, we delve into the specifics of this policy.

Walmart's "At-Will" Employment

Walmart operates under an "at-will" employment contract, which means they can terminate an employee's contract for various reasons without having to follow a strict legal procedure. The crucial element here is that they need to state their reasons for the termination. This approach grants Walmart significant flexibility.

The Point System

One unique aspect of Walmart's employee management is its point system. If an employee accumulates more than 5 points within six months, Walmart's policy dictates termination, regardless of the employee's tenure or overall performance. It's imperative to understand how this system works to avoid potential pitfalls.

Point Deductions for Absences

Walmart places great importance on punctuality and attendance. Each unplanned absence results in point deductions. Therefore, if you're unable to make it to work due to illness or an emergency, make sure to notify Walmart in advance to avoid accruing points.

Paid Time-Off System

To support employees' well-being, Walmart also offers a Paid Time-Off system for instances when employees are unwell. This system provides a safety net for those facing unexpected health issues.

The Limit: How Many Points Can You Accumulate?

Walmart's policy states that an employee can be terminated if they accumulate more than 5 points in a single month. However, if the total points are four or fewer, the employee may remain employed, though it's noted on their record as a minor infraction. This threshold can vary depending on the district manager and the employee's tenure.

Walmart's Rehire Policy

Walmart values its workforce and is inclined towards retaining dedicated and loyal team members. If you've left Walmart on good terms, for reasons unrelated to work performance, such as health issues or personal matters, you may have the opportunity to return to the company.

Reapplication Period

Walmart typically requires a 90-day period before reapplying. During this time, you can reapply at your previous store or consider new opportunities.


However, it's essential to note that employees terminated for reasons such as theft, harassment, or assault are less likely to be rehired by Walmart.

"At-Will" Employment: No Notice Required

As Walmart operates under an "at-will" contract, they reserve the right to terminate employees without providing a specific reason. Similarly, employees can quit their jobs without notice.

PTO Payout upon Termination

Walmart has a robust policy regarding employee termination. While the specifics may vary slightly due to state laws, employees who have worked at Walmart for more than one year are entitled to paid time off (PTO). This accrued PTO must be used within 60 days of their termination.

In Conclusion

It's crucial for employees to have a comprehensive understanding of Walmart's Termination Policy 2023 to safeguard their rights. If you're facing an exit from this retail giant, ensure you are well-informed and prepared. If you have further questions about Walmart's exit procedures, don't hesitate to reach out to your local Walmart store for guidance.

This detailed article provides a comprehensive overview of Walmart's Termination Policy in 2023, aiming to give readers a thorough understanding of their rights and obligations in the context of employment with the company.

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