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Understanding Walmart's Firing and Termination Policy

Walmart, a retail giant employing over two million associates worldwide, offers a diverse array of job opportunities for individuals with varying skill levels and career aspirations. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned professional, comprehending the company's policies and rules is essential to ensure job security and success. In this article, we delve deep into Walmart's firing and termination policy and the rules that govern it.

Staff At-Will Contracts

Walmart operates under the framework of staff at-will contracts, granting flexibility to both employees and management. Under these contracts, employees can be terminated at any time, with or without notice, provided there's no discrimination involved. This flexibility allows Walmart to swiftly adapt to changing circumstances and make employment decisions in the best interest of the company.

Reasons For Being Dismissed

Understanding the grounds for dismissal is crucial. Employees caught breaking the law or repeatedly violating company policies may face immediate termination. It's vital to adhere to Walmart's policies and procedures to maintain job security.


Discrimination, based on factors such as race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or marital status, is strictly prohibited. Walmart adheres to anti-discrimination laws and ensures that employees are not dismissed for personal reasons that contravene these laws.

The Employee Point System

Walmart employs an Employee Point System to address inappropriate behavior. Accumulating points due to rule violations or poor work ethics can lead to termination. Accumulating four points within the first six months of employment is grounds for dismissal, which increases to five points after six months.

Don’t Miss Your Shift!

Punctuality is paramount. Calling in late or sick results in earning a point, and missing a shift without a valid explanation can accumulate three points. Points may affect promotion prospects and should be monitored closely.

Receiving Paid Time Off

Employees with accrued paid time off are entitled to compensation for unused time, up to five days, upon dismissal. However, this benefit is accessible only to employees with at least a year of service.

Getting Rehired

If you've been dismissed from Walmart, the possibility of rehire exists after a minimum of ninety days. Reapplying is best done through communication with your former manager, who can guide you on vacancies and eligibility. Rehire depends on the reason for your previous dismissal.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are common and provide insights into the reason for dismissal and potential rehire eligibility. It's essential to heed the waiting period, which could be up to six months.

Reasons For Not Being Rehired

Certain issues, such as customer harassment, sexual harassment, violence, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may permanently affect rehire prospects. Walmart takes theft and fraud seriously, often pursuing criminal charges against employees involved in such activities.

How to Avoid Termination

To maintain job security at Walmart, consider these tips:

1. Punctuality

Arrive early for shifts and notify your manager if you anticipate lateness.

2. Use Paid Time Off

Make use of paid time off when needed, following proper application procedures.

3. Be a Quick Learner

Familiarize yourself with the company's products and policies and stay informed about corporate regulations.

4. Embrace the Company’s Values

Demonstrate alignment with Walmart's core values as outlined on their website.

5. Make a Strong Impression

Exceed job expectations, prioritize customer satisfaction, and be a cooperative team player. Willingness to take on overtime can leave a lasting positive impression.

Looking to Apply at Walmart?

If you're considering applying to Walmart, explore our in-depth resources to help you prepare. You can start with an analysis of Walmart's Vision and Mission Statements, a guide to the Walmart application process, common interview questions, and information on whether Walmart hires individuals with prior felonies.

For younger applicants, learn about age requirements, dress code, and policies on bonuses and sick leave. Gain insights into Walmart's net worth, affiliated companies, and the competitive landscape in the retail industry.

Final Thoughts

Walmart's firing and termination policy underscores the importance of adherence to rules and policies. By understanding and abiding by these guidelines, employees can secure their positions and even pave the way for career advancement. While the policy may seem strict, it ultimately fosters a productive and responsible workforce, benefiting both the company and its employees.

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