Did Madelyn Cline’s Face Really Change After She Became Famous? (2024)

Netflix's adventure mystery teen drama Outer Banks premiered in the spring of 2020, and it immediately became a huge hit. Drama, action, love triangles, and even treasure hunts — name it and the show has it! Season two of the Outer Banks premiered last summer and fans are hopeful that the show's third season will come to Netflix this year.

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As it usually is with any new show that becomes extremely popular — its cast members have suddenly found themselves in the spotlight. Actress Madelyn Cline portrays Sarah Cameron on the show and ever since season one premiered fans couldn't get enough of the star. Cline is frequently in the news, whether it's because of her incredible fashion looks or her interesting love life. Today, we're taking a look at just why Madelyn Cline's face has been the topic of discussion amongst her fans lately.

Why Is Madelyn Cline Famous?

While Madelyn Cline is best known for her role in Outer Banks, the 24-year-old has actually been acting since a young age. As a child, Cline spent her summers in New York City where she would get cast for commercials for brands like T-Mobile and Sunny D. In 2016, the actress could be seen in projects like the comedy movie Savannah Sunrise and the dark comedy show Vice Principals.

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In 2017 the actress started booking some more serious projects and that year she could be seen in a couple of episodes of the supernatural drama show The Originals as well as the sci-fi horror show Stranger Things. In 2018 Cline appeared alongside Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe in the biographical drama movie Boy Erased. That same year she was also cast as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks, however, the show didn't come out until early 2020.

Since Outer Banks came out, Cline could also be seen in projects like the drama movie This Is the Night and the web show Day by Day. The young actress will also be seen in the upcoming mystery movie Knives Out 2. Considering that she is in her mid-20s there is no doubt that we will see plenty more of Madelyn Cline in future projects!

Did Madelyn Cline Get Plastic Surgery On Her Face?

Fans have been speculating whether Madelyn Cline got any work done to her face, mostly because the actress does have full lips, a perfectly straight nose, and stunning cheekbones. While there has been a Reddit post claiming that the young actress did lip fillers and a non-surgical nose job, it's hard to tell whether the girl in the pictures is actually Cline or if the pictures have simply been edited.

So far, the Outer Banks star hasn't addressed any of the rumors, and plenty of fans have come to defend the actress as there are numerous photos of the star at a young age which prove Cline always had beautiful lips and nice cheekbones. Another aspect that definitely needs to be taken into account is that Madelyn Cline works with professional makeup artists on and off the show — and anyone who knows anything about makeup knows just how powerful it can be when it comes to transforming a face. A skinnier nose, higher cheekbones, and fuller lips are all easily achieved with the right makeup and skillful application.


However, stars in Hollywood are certainly no strangers to getting fillers, which is why it is possible that Cline explored that option too. If she did, her results are certainly very natural as most fans definitely believe the star hasn't gotten any work done to her face.

Madelyn Cline Posts Plenty Of Makeup-Free Photos

Those who follow the Outer Banks star on Instagram know that Cline is certainly very confident in her skin. While the actress does share selfies of herself with a full face of makeup, Cline is also totally comfortable appearing in front of the came bare-faced. However, the star did reveal that she wasn't always as comfortable. In an interview with Woman's Health, Madelyn Cline talked about topics like eating disorders and self-love — both of which she struggled with at a young age.

Regardless of whether Madelyn Cline did some non-surgical procedure like fillers or she's just naturally stunning — today, the actress seems to be happy in her own skin and that is all that matters. Season three of Outer Banks is currently in the making and fans are hopeful that it will be on Netflix this summer!

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Did Madelyn Cline’s Face Really Change After She Became Famous? (2024)
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