Embracing God's Provision: A Journey of Faith and Dependency (2023)


Embarking on a year-long global exploration of singleness, I anticipated challenges but never foresaw the depth of reliance on God's provision. As the adventure unfolded, from the tranquility of routine to the chaos of international travel, I discovered the transformative power of living on God's expense account.

Stepping Into the Unknown

Trusting God Beyond Comfort Zones

At the cusp of my 40th birthday, working without a safety net seemed imprudent. Yet, divesting myself of the familiar, I set out, leaving behind job security and cherished possessions. The journey became a testament to trusting God not just occasionally but week by week, and at times, hour by hour.

Divine Provision in Unexpected Places

Experiencing God's Grace in Unlikely Circumstances

In Spain, standing at a new church, bags in tow, uncertain of where I'd sleep, God's provision manifested—a key to an attendee's apartment. The rhythm of these provisions, however, faced disruption in Nigeria, triggering fears and challenging my trust in God's love amidst the harsh realities of life and death.

Lessons from Global Perspectives

A Faith Beyond Occasional Requests

Venturing through Romania, Ukraine, Europe, and Africa, I encountered individuals whose faith thrived in the face of wartime, floods, and famine. Their daily dependence on God for sustenance challenged my preconceived notions of a "faith of few requests," prompting a reevaluation of my spiritual journey.

Rediscovering Biblical Truths

Unpacking Biblical Narratives of Provision

Recalling the Israelites' daily manna and Jesus' call to focus on today rather than worry about tomorrow (Matt. 6:25, 34), I realized my prior understanding of these passages as metaphors crumbled. The journey unveiled the profound truth that, like the Israelites, I am called to trust God for daily sustenance.

Short-Term Insecurities, Long-Term Dependence

Embracing Dependence in the Absence of Comfort

Initially challenged by the lack of amenities in less-developed cities, I now see this as a lesson in dependence on God. This short-term discomfort underscores a profound truth—I take not one breath, not one bite, without God's provision.

The Paradigm Shift: God as the Ultimate Employer

Transforming Perspectives on God's Resources

Acknowledging God as the ultimate employer, responsible for my journey, reframes expenses as investments in divine service. This paradigm shift fosters gratitude, recognizing God as the limitless supplier of resources aligned with His will.

Balancing Desires and Divine Purpose

Navigating the Tension Between Wants and God's Will

While personal desires may yearn for creature comforts, God beckons for worship and a life aligned with His purpose. Living on His expense account during this global exploration necessitates a recalibration of priorities, emphasizing God's will over personal conveniences.

Conclusion: A Year of Faith-Fueled Exploration

In nearing the midpoint of my year-long journey, I stand at the intersection of faith and dependency. Trusting God for daily provision has become not just a practice but a profound reality. As I navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow, I am reminded that my journey is not merely about the destinations but about the transformation occurring within, as I learn to lean on God's expense account and embrace His will above all else.

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