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The heir to the clan, Hinata Hyuga, was currently busy healing her own squad members, as they were still in the middle of a battlefield and the recovery quarters were too far to reach at this point in time...

She did her best, whilst Sakura was away to heal the remaining troops behind the frontline. Obito and Madara have taken so many lives already, her heart was aching just being confronted with the fact: She cannot save them all. Only as many as she could. Sometimes, using her Byakugan and Akamaru, with full clearance from Kiba, to go and dig up possible survivors from Madara's onslaught...

...but in that moment, she felt herself getting confronted with something she wasn't expecting today... Sasuke Uchiha.

He and Naruto had formed a "peace treaty" for the time-being, knowing they will be needing his assistance against both Madara and Obito...

...but what Hinata felt, just being in close proximity to the same person, whom her boyfriend had been investing so much time in searching and bringing back home into, was not her usual drill of empathy and understanding.

Untypical for her, she felt utterly disgusted and filthy, at the mere concept of having to share the same oxygen as that man. Who had brought so much grief and sorrow, everywhere he went. Normally, she would always give the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, she just lacked the heart to. Seeing as how, this very shinobi caused her lifelong love to utterly destroy himself over him, wanting to bring him back to his senses...

...and despite the looming threat of death, knowing how unpredictable Sasuke had become, as he walked past her, inspecting the bodies, just like her, she couldn't take it anymore. She stood up, with Akamaru growling at him, likewise, sensing Hinata's rightful distress. As she called out for him, very firmly, with clear intent on confronting him about his actions:

"...Stop right there, Sasuke. And do not dare walking away from me. We have some unfinished business."

He stopped dead in his tracks, as he sensed a major disturbance of chakra behind him. The fury, emanating from Hinata grew quite concerning, as she approached him, not caring if he would kill her or not.


But he didn't react. He just stood there, coldly motionless, as his back was facing her...

...which only causes Hinata's anger to intensify. As she told him, trying so very hard to keep her own emotions in check:

"Tell me, Sasuke... ...Don't you think, you're owing me some answers...? Do you even realize the situation you're in? I need to remind you: We only joined forces, because it was a given. And because... if Naruto is willing to put his faith in you, I will have no choice but to tread onward, knowing his calculations will prove correct… Why would I not want to put my faith in him… but..."

Her voice grew shakier, as it grew gradually tougher for her to keep it together, knowing that he has a lot to answer for. Not to her per se, but to his own team, his only remaining family.

"...even if that were the case, try as I might, I just can't gather the heart to forgive anything that you've done...! I just can't, do you hear me...? And I am not even the type to be resentful…"

She just went ballistic on the Uchiha, being all too aware of how heavy his wrongdoings weigh on his shoulders, but she really couldn't care less. Long since gone are the days where she would always make excuses, and go into hiding, away from her own responsibilities...

...her heart began aching, just recalling how many times Naruto had come to her, weeping his heart out, realizing he was at a genuine dead end with Sasuke. He worked so hard, and yet, anything he has ever done, ended up proving futile, as his teammate still went off the deep end.

"Do you even realize the damage you have done to Naruto's heart, time and time again...? And especially Sakura's...?! You even went as far as toying with the idea of killing them, so that you had peace and quiet... I don't know about you, but this is one really demented joke, Sasuke! And the fact that, even after all this, you still show no remorse and even possess the gall to order us around, despite you claiming to hate us all… This is frankly absurd…!”

She just couldn't hide it anymore, she began gritting her teeth, letting out all the pent-up frustration she had to eat up, knowing that her boyfriend just couldn't find any way to reach him. Even almost going as far as giving up altogether, not just in chasing after his comrade, but being a ninja altogether, and just for that alone, she knew...

...Sasuke himself was to blame for this. No one else. She really didn't care anymore, whether that would hurt his feelings or not, but having long since matured from her days of being the passive, cowardly observer, she became downright relentless. She began yelling at him, with her knuckles shaking violently, with tears welling up in her eyes:

"I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks, but I will say it... For all I care, you're dead to me...! Not like you bore any relevance in my life to begin with, but for Naruto's sake, because he cares so much about you, I am willing to share in his grievances...! But come to think of it... When has ANYTHING ever mattered to you, beyond just becoming stronger...?! Your brother is gone...! What do you have left, beyond just being a former pawn in this messed up game of chess, played by Madara himself...?! And what now? You want to destroy your own home? …Dare I ask, would your own family have EVER wanted this?!”

The moment she brought up his now wiped out clan, that is when she really hit a sore spot for him. He lost everything to the village, because of the elderly in Konoha, but just her bringing up the fact that his own actions now reflect very negatively on the rest of his now deceased kin, really triggered something within him. He claimed to not care, and yet, when someone like Hinata, who had also experienced the grief of losing family, with Neji having sacrificed himself, it struck a chord for him. He knew she wasn’t just saying this for the sake of it.

But nevertheless, it caused his anger to stir, as he really hated being reminded of his own family, through the lens of a ninja from the Hidden Leaf village. His blood began boiling, especially when she continued with:

“The Uchiha have played a part in even giving us this place we call home! Whether you like it or not, YOU are part of this village’s history! You are part of us! You can deny your own heritage as much as you please, but, ever thought about what your own family would think of you, now that you’re dead set on destroying everything they have built for you? For all of us?! And do not get me wrong, what you have gone through is something not many of us can even comprehend, I am not even denying that… After all, my own clan, my own family, caused me so much grief and sorrow growing up, it all ended up molding me into the person I am now! But what you’re doing, is the epitome of being ungrateful! You suffered, much like the rest of us, suffering in this messed up world, is purely universal. We can’t decide how we are born into this world, but you know what we can do? It’s all within our responsibility to make the best of it, and fight through the trauma, day in and day out. Becoming better, growing as an individual, that’s all we can do. And instead of reflecting on yourself, you want to erase EVERYTHING?! Everything that helped us grow as a person, because you’re too ashamed to even look at yourself? …You know what this makes you, Sasuke…? A laughingstock, that’s it…! If you were to ask me, you were not once deserving of all the tears your own team shed for you...!"

He coldly turned around, causing Hinata to mildly flinch, while still remaining firm about her grievances...

...and though he tried to hide it, he sounded genuinely angered to the core. As he bluntly asked, knowing he is walking around in circles here, as he could find the proper means to fight her argument:

"...Are you done? Whoever you are, I couldn't care less, what you, or the rest of this godforsaken piece of soil thinks of me. I did what I had to do. And if it meant walking over dead bodies for it, so be it. I never had a future to begin with. The moment that bastard, Danzo, had decided to exist, my life, and that of the rest of my clan, was forfeit. What do you know, that even remotely compares to what I have seen and felt? Go on, I am willing to listen. Because if not, I'd advise you to shut up and continue your work. I am not in the mood for your nonsense."

But Hinata wouldn't just allow herself to just get stepped over like this, as she loudly told him, with her rage reaching a fever pitch, being so cross with his excuses:


That made Sasuke freeze in his tracks again, as he could sense: Things are getting risky. He could sense a burning desire to fight him, even to the death, if it meant risking one's life. And knowing that this girl bears a strong connection to Naruto, he didn't dare fighting back... at least, not for now.

But regardless, he could hear Hinata angrily telling him, with tears of pure, unfiltered fury leaving her eyelids:

"Whatever sob story anyone bears, you think that justifies ANYTHING?! You robbed countless innocent people of their lives and even attempted to murder your own teammates! And you even contemplated the idea of sacrificing your current team, just to get ahead...! You know what you are to me, Sasuke Uchiha...? A scumbag, that's what...! And again... if it weren't for the alliance, I would have gladly thrown my life, just to fight you, if it meant healing Naruto's broken heart and soul...! He wept for you! And you drove Sakura to a point, where she forced herself to confess to Naruto, hoping to spare him from the pain of knowing you entered the void! You chose this path willingly! You chose to allow your own trauma to control your life! But hey, what do I know, right?! It’s not like I lost family in this damned war, nooo, screw everyone else, but yourself! Your suffering is all that matters! I can’t believe you! You made your own team suffer, just for even bearing the delusion of you eventually seeing reason! You're simply the worst, Sasuke!"

Gritting his teeth at the overbearing guilt returning to him, he drew his sword and speeds in, hoping to silence her for good, with the rage blinding his judgment, as he loudly told her:

"...I’ve had enough of you!"

...but his blade got stopped halfway, with the metal barely touching her throat...

...and we realize, another blade came out of Hinata's right hand. With the assistance of her advanced Byakugan, which she had managed to evolve into a more light golden color, and her Lion Fists, she had molded the lion head in her right hand into a blade made out of pure chakra, looking like a blue katana.

There they stood, in a swordlock, with Sasuke looking very shaken up by her words, but she didn't care. She remained as cold as before, knowing he is not deserving of mercy.

"...I have nothing left to say, Sasuke... Nor any tears left to shed for you... You have gone past redeemable in my eyes. And heed my warning, should you dare to hurt anyone from Team 7, especially Naruto, ever again... mark my words... I will hunt you down, until the ends of the earth…! And I am not one to take lives... but I swear on my family's honor... I'll be making you my personal target… and make you beg for mercy, should this war not end in our favor…! You shouldn’t push your luck… I am nothing like how I used to be. I am done playing games…"


He jumps back, retreating his blade, with his eyes twitching, realizing that, every word from her, was a homerun. Every. Last. One. And not being able to defend himself, he takes his leave, not daring to look back, knowing that Hinata is NOT to be messed with anymore.

Hinata snapping at Sasuke - MartialArtsLover7 (2024)
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