Madelyn Cline’s Guide to Siren Eyes, Lip Contouring, and Making Perfume Last Longer (2024)

[uplifting chillstep music]

Hey guys, it's Madelyn Cline

and I am going to be doing my skincare routine

and a little zhuzhed everyday look

with a winged eye and maybe a peachy lip.

Let's do it.

[calming lo-fi music]

This is my ride or die face wash,

I've been using it since I was 13.

I saw this on TikTok and if I...

I can't remember who did the video

but she used a brush to wash her face,

it's changed my life so let's get started.

I might use like maybe an inordinate amount,

[Madelyn chuckles] that's okay.

You go in and you kind of mix it up, make it foamy.

[uplifting lo-fi music]

Take your hands, whatever is left on your hands,

and just like press into your face

and it just makes me feel like it's actually

getting in my pores.

I have noticed a difference

in the amount of blackheads I've been getting.

Always pat your face dry, it retains moisture.

Lotion P50 1970, I just like put a little bit on my palm.

[calming lo-fi music]

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum.

Anything you put on after it,

your skin's gonna absorb better.

I use this Phyto A Brightening Treatment,

also by SkinCeuticals.

[relaxing music]

After using that benzoyl peroxide,

it does dry my face out quite a bit.

I always carry around some sort of moisturizer

because I hate the feeling of dry skin.

I also like feeling Dewey,

some people would say I look sweaty,

it's just healthy skin, babe.

Holy grail of moisturizers,

my favorite, it's Barbara Sturm face F.

[calming lo-fi music]

Sunscreen, always, SPF 50, SPF 30 minimum.

I used to not wear sunscreen a lot

and my mom always scolded me for it.

Now after shooting Outer Banks,

I have noticed a little bit of sun damage.

Now I've become really, really adamant about wearing it

and for the show we use foundation with sunscreen built

in but it's just so hard

because we're running, we're sweating, we're in the water.

Eye serum!

This one's by clearance, it's called the double serum.

If you look closely, there's one little thing in here

and then there's another thing in here.

[serum pumping] [calming music]

I do use strong products,

it's because my skin has become accustomed to it.

The Kissu Lip Mask

Before I start my makeup, my perfume, Baccarat Rouge.

Something I learned,

is that if you spray the back of your neck lightly,

then that's what people smell

when you're walking away from them.

You know how everybody says Rihanna smells so good?

I would love to be remembered the same.

First step is NARS,

this is their Light Reflecting Foundation

but I really like it because it feels like I get coverage

but it still feels like my skin looks like skin.

It says shake well.

[calming lo-fi music]

Maybe that's definitely not the right shade.

When in doubt blend it out.

Have I been wrong this whole time?

[Madelyn laughs]

Oh my god, this is the absolute wrong time

for this to be happening, not for Vogue!

I'm gonna have a stern conversation with some of my friends

because nobody said anything.

Foundation is not foundationing,

just put it on your neck.

We have sufficiently blended her,

for a second it was giving Oompa Loompa,

now it's giving matching.

I think I'm gonna do concealer now

and this concealer is pretty light.

[calming chillstep music]

I don't do my own makeup for press.

I almost kind of need the accountability

of someone showing up to my door

because otherwise I'm gonna snooze all my alarms.

I love my makeup artist,

we just kind of make it like super fun,

we'll get coffee, we have our little morning chat

and then if it's a night event, we'll do lemon drops.

That's the highlight of the night,

it's like a girl's night and I love it.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette,

I have used this since I was 18.

This guy and I do this guy.

I have always thought of skincare

and like even doing face of makeup,

I've always found it to feel like a form of self-care

and I know I'm doing something nice for myself.

I know that I'm gonna thank myself when I get older for it.

I know when I was younger,

I would look at girls with like beautiful skin

and I just remember thinking,

Oh, I'm so jealous, I wish my skin was like that.

I like to button my nose.

I see girls do this all the time on TikTok

and I think it's so cute

and using the same Kat Von D powder,

and I'm using the same colors.

Take one of these light powders.

Is that baking?

[Madelyn gasps]

I'm baking!

So next step is blush, I like to use this one,

it's called Shellie by Benefit and it's really cute.

Look, it's got a little shell on it.

These are incredibly tinted, right, so use sparingly.

I used to hate my eyes, people called me bug-eyes,

and now I really really appreciate them.

After growing into them, I really love the shape.

Thanks, Grandpa.

Confidence is something that it comes and goes.

I was just watching Haley Richardson's

Vogue Beauty Secrets, her advice if you're feeling insecure

say three things that you love about yourself.

And it's so funny,

cause my mom used to make me do the same thing.

It's not always easy but it's so true.

It's a form of self-care, being kind to yourself.

Haley, I love your eyebrows too.

Next step is eyebrows.

My favorite Holy Grail.

I don't do anything to my eyebrows,

I just prefer to keep them the way they are

and then shape them when I do my makeup.

One time I shaved from here to here

because one of my friends offered to give me a music card

and it was gonna pay for my hair appointment the next day.

I didn't realize how slowly eyebrows grow back,

another reason why I don't really touch my eyebrows

is because this one never quite grew back the same

but free hair appointment, you know what I mean?

Like, hair's expensive.

Waterline Eyeliner, I use the Urban Decay 24/7.

It just makes my lashes look longer and fuller and darker,

even before we go in with mascara.

[calming chillstep music]

A really exciting thing happened to me last summer,

I got cast in a movie called Glass Onion,

which is A Knives Out Mystery.

I just can't believe it has been over a year

since we were filming.

It's the most insane experience of my life.

Grew up watching all of those actors and admiring them,

and wanting to be like them,

and so the ability to work with them,

I just tried to be a sponge.

Catherine might be the funniest human on this planet.

This is the Benefit They're Real! Precision...

[Madelyn chuckles]

Precision liner.

I saw this thing where you follow the line

of your bottom eyelid, oh boy.

[relaxing lo-fi music]

We did it!

Very happy about it.

A little product called Freck XL.

I have little freckles that get covered up with makeup

and I just like to go in and bring them back out.

[calming chillstep music]

Mascara, I really like this, this is Armani.

This is where that liner underneath on the water line.

You couldn't really tell what a difference that makes.

We're gonna do a peachy lip.

I love these Hermès Lip Oils,

they're so nice and they keep your lips moisturized.

I think I'm gonna mix these two

but before I do that, kind of of contour my lips.

Now I'm gonna start with orange

and we'll see how we like it.

I like that, I think that's pretty,

I'm gonna do a little bit of the pink though.

Those are my beauty secrets.

I hope you were sufficiently entertained.

Love you. [Madelyn kisses]

Madelyn Cline’s Guide to Siren Eyes, Lip Contouring, and Making Perfume Last Longer (2024)
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