Naruto: Black Fox of Konoha (Discontinue and Rewriten) - 3 (2024)


"Demon"-human speak
'f*ck'-human thought
"Kit"-tailed talking
'This kit'- tailed beast thought
"What you want"-summons speaking
'What the hell'-summons thought

~~~~~~~~~~~3 years later~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto pov:
I wake up to my alarm clock ringing. I groan slamming my alarm off and then stuff the pillow in my face groaning. Today was the final exam and so far Mizuki hasn't done anything yet. I shower and dress in my orange jumpsuit. I leave my apartment activating the seal. I head to the academy.

When I arrive at class no one was there so I sit in my seat. I knew I was early and it be a minute until my classmates arrive. I pull out my storage scroll and look at it. The storage scroll has all the important things I own in it so the villagers don'tdestroy it. The villagers always break into my home destroy my things so that's why I had made this scroll. The scroll seems like small scroll but can store the same 2 medium storage scrolls could. The scroll contains 4 pairs of my jumper, a couple pairs of half face masks like Kakashi has(A/n:1 is orange and 3 are black gift from Kakashi), 2 more pairs of goggles (both are black gift from Itachina), a bow and arrow set (gift from Anko), some extra food, some letters from my parents, my mother's bow staff and sword, 5 of my father's custom kunai, 35 regular kunai, 25 shuriken, Fūinjutsu materials, books on Fūinjutsu, and my mother's diary.

Naruto-'I really must thank you dad if you didn't help with my Fūinjutsu training I never been able to make this scroll to hold these precious items'

Kurama-*in my head*"No thanks needed kit I feel bad you wouldn't need to carry your most prize possessions on you so the villagers don't destroy them if you didn't have me in you."

Naruto-'I told you I don't blame you. You been there for me and helped me trained. Kurama for the past 6 years I have come to see you as a father figure why you think I call you dad now stop blaming yourself before I come into my mindscape and kick your ass'

Kurama-*in my head*"Kit your classmate's are coming put the scroll away and get ready remember you need to only get high enough to get to the final part the test before failing"

I put my scroll away as my classmates file in first to enter are the clan heirs and heiresses. First to enter was Choji heir to Akimichi clan. Never once did he make fun of me and his family always kind to me. On multiple occasions he shared his lunch with me when I had none. He is one of the few classmates I could see as a friend. Next to come in right after was Shikumara heiress to to Nara clan she is what you could say is a lazy genius. She enjoys more relaxing not much effert type things she is another i could see as a friend, on multiple occasions I hung out with her just to cloud watch and even manage to drag her along to do things.

Her clan is also one of the few who don't treat me badly. Next to walk in is the silent Shino heir to the Aburame clan he is alright as never really had an issue with him we just never really talk much. After him Hinata walks in she is the heiress of the Hyuga clan. She is a used to be shy timid girl but for the last 2 years or so her confidence has gone up though she still a little shy at times. Next to walk in is Kiba heir to the Inuzuka clan. Kiba is an annoying self-exorb arrogant boy who calls him self and alpha. His partner Akamaru who is a cool little pup is being carried in his owner's hoodie with his head sticking out.

After him walks in the one I can't stand Sasuke Uchiha. He is Itachina little brother the of 'last' Uchiha clan. He struts in with his chest out looking like a damn peaco*ck with his group of fangirls following. Sasuke really pisses me off people think that he is this badass superior f*ck when in truth he is a weak ass spoiled brat who self absorbed and has a superiority complex. He walks to his seat like the arrogant peaco*ck he is except there's a mix of bruty and emo in it as well. After him walks in the last of the clan child Ino heiress of the Yamanaka clan. The Yamanaka clan are known for their mind jutsu techniques. The Yamanaka clan are also 1 of the few families who treat me nicely. Ino is the only daughter of a clan that is part of the Uchiha fanclub. After her came in the pink haired banshee Sakura Haruno an annoying civilian who is obsessed with Sasuke. Her mother is on the civilian council and has made it her mission to make my life hell.

Naruto: Black Fox of Konoha (Discontinue and Rewriten) - 3 (2024)
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