Naruto: Prodigy Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 (2024)

Her tiny little body lay against Naruto's as she rested n his arms though since he was only five she also laid across his lap.

"Hi Mito-Chan, I'm your big brother," Naruto he said making the others smile as Minato watched him with Eiji resting in his arms.

Just as he spoke Mito's eyes began to flicker before she opened her eyes revealing s pair of blue eyes looking up at him.

"She has your eyes Tou-san," he said looking up at his dad who was now a little in front of him.

"It seems she does and it looks like Eiji has the same eyes too," he said showing that Eiji was awake as well now and showing his similar blue as well.

Naruto looked down at his sister and saw she was looking up at him with a curious expression on her face as if she was trying to figure out who he was. After the two looked like they were having a staring competition with each other Mito then giggled a soft yet melody like laugh that made everyone smile.

"What's not to like about my little Naru-chan," a tired voice said making them turn around to see Kushina with her eyes open and looking at the scene with a smile on her face.

"Kushina," the adults all said surprised to see her awake while Naruto looked t his mother and a new set of tears began to form. He gave Mito to Tsunade who happily took the little girl before he made his way towards Kushina.

"Kaa-chan," he said as he crawled onto her bed and lay next to her.

"Naru-chan don't cry. Everything is okay" she said softly but quickly found him hugging into her side. She kissed the top of his head and wrapped her arms around him.

"I thought you got hurt Kaa-chan. I was worried," he sobbed as Kushina rubbed his back soothingly in circles trying to calm her down.

"I felt you and Tou-san and you felt hurt with the big vile horrible chakra near by," he said catching the attention of everyone in the room.

"Naruto what do you mean you felt everyone?" Minato asked looking at his son with a curious expression.

"I don't know how to describe it. I could just feel where everyone was. I could feel when Pervy sage and Baa-Chan appeared on their big animals and I could feel you and Kaa-chan were out of the village."

"Naru-chan can describe what you felt when you sensed your parents," Sarutobi asked getting a little intrigued about this information.

"Well I could feel Tou-san and he felt calm but worried and a little scared. Kaa-chan felt warm but tired and frustrated. Then there was that big chakra that just felt so ...big. Like there was no end to it and felt so dark."

Everyone was surprised at what Naruto described.

"A sensor," Jiraiya said surprised. "Naruto has some kind of sensor like ability. And to feel the two of you almost two miles away from the village means it is powerful and has a long range."

Both Minato and Kushina looked at Naruto a little proudly though they did feel a little worried. They were not going to begin training him until he was six but now that these sensor like abilities had revealed themselves, they knew it was time to start a year early. Plus by the large chakra he said he could feel, they knew it was the Kyuubi he felt.

However they were not sure how to train him since they knew they were going to be extremely busy with the twins, Mito being a jinchurikii and making sure the seal is function correct. Plus there was healing the village from the damage of the attack.

The adults began to talk to each other about Naruto's surprising new ability and the events of the night, not seeing Naruto slowly falling asleep in his mothers embrace.

Life in the leaf village slowly began to return to normal a month after the attack as the civilians and shinobi of the leaf worked together to fix the damage the Kyuubi had caused. Most of the building that had been destroyed was at the front half of the village leaving the back half mostly unscathed which thankfully included the hospital, the academy, the graveyard and most of the shinobi clan compounds.

The only clan compounds that had any damage was the Inuzuka and the Aburame though thankfully they were only minor and had been rebuild and put back to normal within a few weeks.

The civilian and shinobi worked away to help rebuild their homes while large groups of leaf shinobi went out to complete the day to day mission they were given in order to show that the leaf was still strong and they were not going anywhere.

At the Namikaze residence all was quiet before a baby's cry rang out through the house alerting those that were inside. The Uzumaki-Namikaze family could have had their own clan compound or lived in the Hokage mansion if they wanted but Minato and Kushina never wanted the big lavish life style. They were more than content with their six bedroom house which has cozy, warm and family feel to it. Plus with only five of them, there was just no need for a big clan compound.




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Naruto: Prodigy Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 (2024)
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