One Piece: The Full Strength Of Shanks' Red Hair Pirates (2024)

By Rei Penber

Being a Yonko crew, the Red Hair Pirates are not a force to be underestimated.

One Piece: The Full Strength Of Shanks' Red Hair Pirates (1)

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea in the One Piece world. He is an incredibly powerful character who has acquired a bounty of over 4 billion berries over the years, which is a great showing of what he is truly capable of. Once, Shanks was a member of the Roger Pirates, however, after the crew disbanded, Shanks went on to start his own pirate crew, the Red Hair Pirates. While they have not been focused on in the story much, One Piece entering its final saga means that the Red Hair Pirates are now central to the ongoing story.

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In One Piece chapter 1076, the Red Hair Pirates, for the very first time, set out to fight their first battle that the fans could see and this was a battle against Kid Pirates. While the Kid Pirates are strong, the Red Hair Pirates are on a completely different level and there are things that fans should know about this monstrosity of a crew.

Chief Shanks

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It goes without saying that the most fearsome member of the Red Hair Pirates is their captain, Red-haired Shanks. Shanks is not simply referred to as the captain of the crew. Instead, he is called the Chief, or simply, Boss. The crew has a yakuza aesthetic, by the looks of it, and Shanks, being the leader, is respected very well. This doesn't just hold true for the Red Hair Pirates but also the many allies and the countries that they protect as well. Recently, in Elbaf, fans got to see that Shanks was protecting his friends free of all charges. Shanks has been very quiet over the years, however, after the conclusion of the war of Wano, it was time for him to move and he is now an active player in the war for the One Piece.

His true strength remains unknown at the moment, however, if his 4 billion bounty is anything to go by, Shanks might as well be the strongest in the world right now. He does not have a Devil Fruit and has also lost his dominant arm in the past. Despite that, he went on to become an Emperor of the Sea, which just goes to show the phenomenal power that this man possesses. Thanks is a user of Haki and his Conquerors Haki is, by far, the greatest that the fans have seen so far. Towards the end of Wano, he was seen being able to direct his Haki towards Aramaki from miles away. The fact that he scared an Admiral of the Navy that easily just means that Shanks is on a completely different level.

The Three Trusted Officers Of The Red Hair Pirates

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Most younger pirate crews in One Piece have three strong underlings that stand out. For the Big Mom Pirates, this was the Three Sweet Generals and they consisted of Charlotte Cracker, Charlotte Smoothie, and Charlotte Katakuri. In the Wano Country arc, fans were introduced to the All Stars of the Beast Pirates. The All Stars consisted of Jack the Drought, Queen the Plague, and King the Wildfire. All of them were incredibly powerful and, just like the commanders of the Big Mom Crew, held great authority as well. They are also capable pirates in their own right, having acquired bounties of close to a billion berries or more.

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Similarly, Shanks also has three trusted fighters in his crew and they are Ben Beckman, Lucky Roux, and Yasopp. Ben Beckman is, by far, the most important member of the crew following Shanks. This is simply down to the fact that he is officially recognized as the Vice Captain of the crew. As the Vice Captain, Ben Beckman is known to be the source of strategies and, more importantly, keep the peace in the crew when things get a bit too rough. When it comes to combat, Beckman certainly isn't as strong as Shanks, however, he is still a capable fighter in his own right, as evident from the fact that he scared Admiral Kizaru during the Paramount War. Lucky Roux is the chef of the Red Hair Pirates and he uses his body in combat very well. Fans know that he can roll himself into a ball and coat himself in extremely powerful Haki to wreak havoc all over the battlefield. Yasopp, on the other hand, is known to be the Sniper of the crew and he is an excellent user of Observation Haki as well. Yasopp is the best sniper in the world, which just goes to show why he is so important to the Red Hair Pirates.

The Senior Officers Of The Red Hair Pirates

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While these are the most important members of the crew, the Red Hair Pirates also have other strong and capable members. They are officially known as the Senior Officers of the crew. In total, there are eight Senior Officers in the Red Hair Pirates, however, they also include Yasopp and Lucky Roux, who were already discussed above. Aside from them, there are six Senior Officers of the crew remaining and they include Lime Juice, Bonk Punch, Building Snake, Hongo, Monster, and finally, Gab. All of them possess incredible abilities up their sleeve and are strong enough to hold their own against the strongest pirates in the New World.

At this moment, the red hair pirates are the strongest pirate crew in one piece, and from the current generation of Yonko, they are the leaders who might as well be the main source of power on the seas. With the war against get pirates now closer than ever before, fans will surely get a display of what they are capable of very soon.

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One Piece: The Full Strength Of Shanks' Red Hair Pirates (2024)


How strong is Shanks red hair? ›

The Chief of the Red Hair Pirates, Shanks is incredibly overpowered and much of that is down to his Haki. He is known to be an exceptional Haki user, strong enough to destroy a pirate worth 3 billion berries and his right-hand man in a single swing of his sword.

Who is Shanks daughter? ›

Uta is a world-famous singer or "diva" (歌姫, Utahime?) and the adopted daughter of the Emperor Red-Haired Shanks who was also a musician in his crew until he left her while she was still a child.

Is Shanks crew as strong as him? ›

Are Shanks and his crew really that strong? All Yonko crews are very strong, but Shanks's crew is different compared to the other Yonko crews. The Navy confirmed that Shanks's crew is the most balanced pirate crew in the Yonko, and each member has a bounty higher than the average.

Is Shanks The Strongest Pirate still alive? ›

Shanks is currently the most powerful pirate in One Piece.

Who is more powerful than Shanks? ›

Mihawk possesses sword skills that surpass even those of Shanks and his Haki should be very impressive as well.

Who is stronger red hair or Mihawk? ›

According to Brannew, Mihawk's swordsmanship skills are known to exceed even those of red-haired Shanks. Therefore, in terms of swordsmanship alone, Mihawk is certainly better. However, that certainly doesn't mean that Mihawk is stronger than Shanks. After all, swordsmanship is an art and Mihawk excels in it.

Who is Shanks real father? ›

It can be assumed that Shanks is the son of none other than Saint Garling Figarland This also makes sense, given the fact that Garling Figarland doesn't appear to be all that old. 38 years ago, when the God Valley Incident took place, Saint Garling must have been quite young and at a reasonable age to be a father.

Who is Luffy's mum? ›

Nothing was ever said about Luffy's mother, not even her name. Later, when the kid was 6, his life changed forever after meeting Red-Haired Shanks and his pirate crew, who were stationed in Foosha for some time.

Is Uta not Shanks real daughter? ›

Technically, Uta is not blood-related to Shanks, as the end of the film shows that Shanks and his crew found an infant Uta inside a treasure chest that they stole from another pirate crew. Seeing as this echoes how Gol D.

Can Shanks beat Navy Admiral? ›

Shanks is tremendously powerful despite not having any Devil Fruit. His Haki is so overpowered that he could destroy a pirate worth 3 billion berries and his right-hand man in a single swing of his sword. By all means, Shanks is much stronger than the Admirals.

Can Shanks beat Blackbeard? ›

Shanks does not possess any Devil Fruit powers at the moment, however, what he does possess is an incredibly overpowered Haki. With it, he can certainly pose a challenge and, perhaps, even beat Blackbeard.

Can Shanks beat Kaido? ›

Kaido is "stronger" than Shanks, or any other Emperors, or Pirates in the world, because Kaido's renowned as the "World's Strongest Creature", and people often say "If it's one-on-one, Kaido will win."

Who is Luffy's brother? ›

Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, was the biological son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge, as well as the sworn older brother of Luffy and Sabo.

What is Shanks weakness? ›

By Francesco Cacciatore. Published Mar 26, 2023. In the same chapter, One Piece shows its readers first the incredible power of Shanks and then his only weakness: his grand fleet.

Is Shanks weaker without his arm? ›

One Piece Data Books - Shanks did not lose any power losing an arm.

Why is Red Hair Shanks so powerful? ›

Shanks, one of the strongest characters in One Piece, is a master of Haki and can use all three forms of iti. Benn Beckman, Shanks' first mate, is a talented fighter with devastating physical strength. He is also a confirmed Haki usert. Lucky Roux, the cook of the Red Hair Pirates, is a confirmed Armament Haki user.

Is Red Hair Shanks stronger than Kaido? ›

Kaido pretty much outclasss Shanks in almost every category except for IQ, skill, Speed (about even), and pretty much anything else. And somehow people see this overrated man being able to beat him cuz of having future sight killing?

What makes Red-Haired Shanks so strong? ›

Shanks' strength mainly lies in his Haki as he doesn't have any Devil Fruit power that the fans know of. Just with his incredible Haki alone, he has established himself as one of the strongest people in the world and he might as well be the strongest.

Is Red Hair Shanks stronger than Luffy? ›

While Shanks' combat skills are seen very sparingly throughout One Piece, there's little to no doubt he's stronger than Luffy and could defeat the Supernova. As Luffy's role model, it wouldn't make sense to have him be stronger than Shanks at this point in the story.

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