Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline’s Complete Relationship Timeline (2024)

In September, news broke that comedian Pete Davidson and Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline are an item, shortly after Davidson split with girlfriend of almost a year, Chase Sui Wonders. Cline recently dated musician Jackson Guthy following her split from co-star Chase Stokes.

Davidson’s love life tends to make headlines since he dated pop star Ariana Grande before going on to several high-profile relationships with celebrities Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor, Kim Kardashian, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Things are still going well with Cline as of April 2024. “They are very much in love,” a source told Us Weekly on April 18. Here’s a complete timeline of their relationship so far.

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Sept. 22, 2023

A source told Us Weekly at the end of September that the pair were seen at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles having a “low-key” breakfast.

“Pete and Madelyn are dating,” they insider stated. “They spent the night together at the Beverly Hills Hotel and then had breakfast together there the next morning...They were really low-key and kept things casual, wearing baseball hats.”

The source added some details about Wonders and Davidson's split, saying that “there's no bad blood or any hard feelings between them” and their relationship “had simply run its course.”

Sept. 25, 2023

Cline was spotted at The Chelsea in Las Vegas for a set performed by Davidson. Page Six reported that they were seen at the Allē Lounge on 6 before spending the night at the Crockfords Entertainment Suite at the Resorts World.

A source talking to Us Weekly about the whirlwind trip claimed that things have been moving fast.

“Madelyn and Pete have been dating for several weeks but have grown close fairly quickly,” they stated, adding the new couple “wanted to keep things under wraps” because “they assumed there would be a whole frenzy surrounding their relationship.”

The source continued, “[Madelyn and Pete] had hoped to remain low-key for a while, especially because Madelyn is a really private person. But they’ve spent a lot of time together and have built a strong bond in a short period of time.”

And she has his family's approval.

“Pete’s sister is thrilled to see him so happy and she definitely approves of this relationship,” the source said. “Pete loves Madelyn’s dry sense of humor which he thinks is adorable because he’s the same way...They’re thankful they have a loyal group of close friends because they’ve hung out with several people at a number of events and nobody has leaked their romance.”

Sept. 27, 2023

A few days after their trip to Las Vegas, they were seen flying out of Phoenix, Arizona, together. A source told Daily Mail that they are having “fun” and Cline does not necessarily see this as a long-term thing.

“Madelyn anticipates her current relationship with Pete as just a good time and it will not be her last one,” the source said. “She thinks he is hilarious, and fun and she is all about hanging out with him, but she is 25, and she doesn't want anything serious, she wants to chase fun, and she thinks Pete thinks the same and their relationship is all about having a good time.”

They added, “It is in no way serious, she is taking it day by day and that is all that works for her right now, Pete shouldn't expect her to be his soulmate, she is not giving off those vibes.”

Oct. 14, 2023

On Saturday, October 14, Davidson was joined by Cline at a Saturday Night Live after party at Catch Steak. The comedian kept a low profile under a baseball cap, and wore a black, brown, and green track suit. Cline wore a black bodysuit with long sleeves and a turtleneck under and black pants.

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Nov. 20, 2023

A source spoke to Us Weekly about how Davidson’s family approves of his relationship with Cline. “Things are going really well with Madelyn and Pete, but they’re trying their best to keep a low-key romance,” the source said. “They have both dated people in the public eye before and are trying to maintain more privacy this time around.”

The couple will “show support” when the other is promoting a project, but don’t plan “to make a red carpet appearance together anytime soon,” the source said.

Cline has met Davidson’s family, the source added: “Pete’s mom and sister think Madelyn is lovely. They’re very happy for Pete.”

Dec. 28, 2023

Davidson and Cline were seen at Bobo's Café in Somers, NYC, a few days after Christmas, according to a video posted by TMZ. He reportedly ordered an iced matcha latte and then smoked a cigarette outside. The comedian wore a brown beanie and cream pullover, while the Outer Banks actress wore a denim jacket and black-billed baseball cap. Davidson recently canceled planned shows that were meant to run from December 26 to January 4 due to “unforeseen circ*mstances.”

April 18, 2024

A source spoke to Us Weekly about how Davidson and Cline were doing as they keep their relationship largely out of the spotlight. They are very much in love,” the source said. “One of the reasons their relationship works so well is because they’re both independent and give each other space to miss each other.”

July 9, 2024

Cline and Davidson maintained a low profile. The Sun claimed the couple quietly broke up, with a source close to Davidson saying, “They ended things fairly recently, and I understand it was amicable.”

Page Six ran The Sun’s report and reached out to their reps, who did not respond.

Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline’s Complete Relationship Timeline (2024)
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