The transfer portal has been good to Razorbacks (2024)

FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas has used the transfer portal wisely this offseason as they set to prepare for the 2024 football season.

Sam Pittman has four new additions to his coaching staff including Bobby Petrino to run the offense. That is a huge upgrade over last season. Petrino is generally considered one of the elite play callers in college football.

The Razorbacks brought 13 transfers in at midterm. It appeared that eight of them were running first team by the end of spring drills. That doesn’t count kicker Matthew Shipley who came in from Hawaii. He is considered the likely replacement for Cam Little which would actually make nine starters.

The ones not starting are all in position to make an impact as well. Following spring drills, Arkansas has added nine more recruits including one from junior college and eight from transfer portal.

Taylen Green is Arkansas’ starting quarterback. He came in from Boise State. Malachi Singleton, KJ Jackson and newly signed Blake Boda from Coastal Carolina will also be in the mix.

Utah transfer Ja’Quinden Jackson was very impressive all spring. He and Rashod Dubinion were the running backs for the Red team in the spring game. That was considered the starters. True freshman Braylen Russell was very impressive all spring. The Hogs have added Florida State’s Rodney Hill and Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College’s Tyrell Reed in the spring period.

Arkansas added Texas A&M speedster Jordan Anthony in December and South Florida’s Khafre Brown in the April period. Arkansas also has added former four-star and professional baseball player Monte Harrison as a preferred walk-on. The trio will compete with several key returning wide receivers from last season.

Arkansas added Eastern Michigan tight end Andreas Paaske at midterm. Luke Hasz leads the group at tight end. Paaske should help particularly in blocking situations.

The offensive line is where Arkansas also improved tremendously. The Razorbacks added San Jose State’s Fernando Carmona and Michigan State’s Keyshawn Blackstock at offensive tackle along with Tennessee’s Addison Nichols to play center. The arrival of the two offensive tackles allowed Arkansas to move Patrick Kutas inside to play guard. Those four and guard Joshua Braun make up the first unit. In the late portal opening, the Razorbacks have added Syracuse’s versatile Joe More.

At defensive end, the Razorbacks did well landing Albany’s Anton Juncaj. He is from the same school that send Jared Verse to Florida State. This week Deke Adams landed BYU defensive tackle Danny Saili. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Arkansas try to land another defensive tackle in coming days or weeks. Saili will join such players as Cameron Ball, Eric Gregory, Keivie Rose and Ian Geffrard in what should be a very good rotation. Juncaj and Nico Davillier are competing at one end opposite Landon Jackson and Quincy Rhodes Jr.

The Razorbacks have added three linebackers from the transfer portal. All are expected to make a big impact this fall. Georgia’s Xavian Sorey Jr. transferred to Arkansas at midterm. They have added Marshall’s Stephen Dix Jr. and Jacksonville State’s Larry Worth in April portal opening. Those three along with Brad Spence and others should make for a strong position.

Tennessee’s Doneiko Slaughter really made a strong impact in the spring. He’s expected to start in the back end of Arkansas’ secondary. The Hogs also added South Alabama’s Marquise Robinson and Florida’s Miguel Mitchell at midterm. Utah State’s Anthony Switzer can play safety or the Hog spot as well as outside linebacker.

Arkansas’ Portal Additions

Taylen Green, QB, 6-6, 223, Boise State

Blake Boda, QB, 6-4, 210, Coastal Carolina

Ja’Quinden Jackson, RB, 6-2, 235, Utah

Rodney Hill, RB, 5-10, 190, Florida State

Tyrell Reed, RB, 5-9, 205, Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College

Jordan Anthony, WR, 5-10, 162, Texas A&M

Khafre Brown, WR, 6-0, 195, South Florida

Andreas Paaske, TE, 6-6, 262, Eastern Michigan

Fernando Carmona, OT, 6-5, 324, San Jose State

Keyshawn Blackstock, OT, 6-5, 325, Michigan State

Addison Nichols, C, 6-5, 306, Tennessee

Joe More, OL, 6-5, 307, Syracuse

Anton Juncaj, DE, 6-3, 275, Albany

Danny Saili, DT, 6-2, 360, BYU

Stephen Dix Jr., LB, 6-2, 237, Marshall

Xavian Sorey Jr, LB, 6-3, 224, Georgia

Larry Worth, LB, 6-4, 220, Jacksonville State

Marquise Robinson, CB, 6-1, 195, South Alabama

Miguel Mitchell, S, 6-1, 215, Florida

Doneiko Slaughter, DB, 6-0, 192, Tennessee

Anthony Switzer, S-OLB, 6-0, 210, Utah State

Matthew Shipley, K, 6-1, 195, Hawaii

The transfer portal has been good to Razorbacks (2024)


Is the transfer portal good for college football? ›

New research by a University of Oregon student and professor finds that the NCAA football transfer portal can help some teams but not others, depending on the position a transferring student plays.

What happens if you enter the transfer portal and don't get picked up? ›

Entering the transfer portal does not automatically mean you will be picked up by another school that semester. If you cannot transfer in the same semester you enter the portal, you need to be ready to cover the cost of tuition without your athletic scholarship, should it be reassigned to another teammate.

Why are so many players entering the transfer portal? ›

While NIL may be a factor, some could be looking to take their game to a program with more resources for player development and a chance to make a postseason run. It is clear that the for the majority of players in the portal more is to be desired when it comes to playing time at their current programs.

How many football players are in the transfer portal? ›

The 2023-24 transfer portal cycle is on pace to be another record-setting one, with 2,700 scholarship college football players already in the portal at the FBS level.

Do you lose your scholarship if you enter the transfer portal? ›

According to the NCAA, once a student-athlete enters the transfer portal, their current institution has the ability to cancel or reduce their scholarship for the upcoming academic year. This means that a student-athlete may indeed lose their scholarship if they decide to enter the transfer portal.

Can players back out of the transfer portal? ›

Players can ask the school through which they entered the portal to remove them. But once players ask to be entered, their school can cancel or reduce their scholarships for subsequent academic terms and has no obligation to take them back.

What are the downside to the transfer portal? ›

One of the most problematic aspects of the portal is that there is no mandatory orientation session for prospective transfer portal applicants that highlight the pros and cons of their decision and there are few guard rails that protect student-athletes from making impulsive decisions.

Where does NIL money come from? ›

However, most operate in coordination with the schools and tend to be endorsed by coaches and school officials. According to Business Insider, 80% of money going toward NIL comes from collectives, with the rest coming from brand deals. There are still limits.

Can a player enter the transfer portal twice? ›

NCAA rules allow underclassmen to transfer once without having to sit out a year. But an additional transfer as an undergraduate generally requires the NCAA to grant a waiver allowing the athlete to compete immediately. Without it, the athlete would have to sit out for a year at the new school.

Can college football players get paid? ›

This week, the NCAA, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC voted to allow schools to pay their athletes.

Can d3 players enter the transfer portal? ›

As only some Division III schools use the NCAA Transfer Portal and others will accept permission to transfer, please talk to the compliance office at the school to which you want to transfer to understand their preference. Speak to your compliance office to see what your school prefers.

Can college players transfer mid season? ›

A new NCAA transfer rule will allow all undergraduate athletes to transfer and play immediately if they meet specific academic requirements, as the Division I Council on Wednesday approved emergency legislation announced by the NCAA.

Can you see who is in the transfer portal? ›

For coaches, the portal is a place to see who is looking to transfer. Coaches can set up a watch list of the people they want to track, and they can see in real time when student-athletes have matriculated to another program or taken their name out of the portal altogether.

What happens when a college football player enters the transfer portal? ›

Once an athlete's name is entered in the database, coaches and staff from other schools are permitted to make contact with the athlete to inquire about their interest in visiting the campus and accepting a scholarship.

How many times can you use the transfer portal in college football? ›

While the transfer portal has revolutionized the college sports landscape, the number of times an athlete can enter the portal is generally limited to one transfer during their college career.

How long does the transfer portal last in college football? ›

For example, in college basketball, athletes have a 44-day window (March 18 to May 1) to enter the portal and select another school. In college football, there are two windows, one that runs from early December until early January, followed by a 15-day spring window that begins and ends in April.

What is the d1 transfer portal? ›

The Transfer Portal is a function of Division I's new notification-of-transfer model. Division I went to a notification-of-transfer model for the 2018-19 academic year. The student-athlete is empowered by the change to the bylaw.

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