Title: Understanding Walmart PTO Policies: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)


In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Walmart's Paid Time Off (PTO) policies, addressing common questions and concerns that employees may have. Whether you're contemplating quitting or have recently been terminated, understanding what happens to your PTO and stock can be crucial. Let's explore the details.

What Happens to My Walmart Stock When I Quit?

Upon leaving Walmart, many employees wonder about the fate of their stock account. The good news is that you can retain your account even after quitting. However, it comes with an annual maintenance fee of $35. Despite this fee, you can continue making cash purchases through your stock account, preserving your investment.

Does Walmart Pay Out PTO?

PTO accrual at Walmart is tied to the number of hours worked, and it increases with each year of service. Both full-time and part-time associates can earn PTO, although temporary associates receive protected PTO only. This means that, when leaving Walmart, you can receive a payout for your accrued and unused PTO, depending on your tenure with the company.

  • Associates with at least one year of employment at Walmart will receive a payout.
  • For associates with less than one year of service, a payout is generally not provided at termination, unless required by state law.

What Happens When You Get Fired at Walmart?

If you find yourself facing termination from Walmart, it's essential to understand the implications. Major offenses, such as theft, fraud, harassment of colleagues or customers, sexual harassment or assault, and workplace violence, can lead to ineligibility for rehire. It's vital to maintain professionalism and adhere to the company's policies to avoid such consequences.

Does Walmart PTO Expire?

Walmart has a PTO policy that aims to prevent the expiration of earned PTO. Any accrued PTO that you haven't used by the end of each "plan year" on January 31 can either carry over to the next year or be cashed out in your paycheck. The specifics depend on the type of PTO you earn and the amount you have. All unused Protected PTO consistently carries over to the new plan year.

Can You Keep Your Walmart Discount Card After You Quit?

Your Walmart discount card doesn't become obsolete when you leave the company. In fact, you won't need a new card, and you won't have to take any additional steps. Walmart's system automatically converts your current discount card into a Long-Term Service Discount Card once you reach your length of service milestone. This means you can continue enjoying the benefits even after leaving the company.

Can You Quit Walmart Without Notice?

If you need to quit your job at Walmart, the recommended approach is to discuss your resignation with your manager at least two weeks in advance. It's advisable to follow up with an email that confirms your last working day. Additionally, notify the People Lead or Personnel department about your decision to terminate your employment to ensure a smooth transition.

Can You Sue Walmart for Firing You?

If you believe you were wrongfully terminated by Walmart, you have the option to pursue legal action. However, proving that your firing was illegal can be a complex task. While having evidence can be beneficial, demonstrating your employer's intent can be challenging.

How Many Days Can You Miss at Walmart?

Walmart employs a point system and late policy to incentivize good attendance and discourage tardiness. Missing work frequently can lead to termination. Specifically, employees who arrive late more than three times in six months are typically terminated from the company.

How Many Sick Days Does Walmart Give?

Employees at Walmart can accumulate up to 48 hours (approximately six days) of protected PTO each year. This equates to earning one hour of PTO for every 30 hours worked, in accordance with Walmart's policy.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Absences Allowed at Walmart?

Walmart's point system is designed to keep track of absences, with one point being awarded for each absence. If you accumulate six points, you may face termination from your position.

Can Walmart Rehire You After You Leave?

Former Walmart employees can be rehired, but typically after a six-month hiatus. However, employees who left on a No Call/No Show basis might face more challenges in getting rehired unless they can explain their circumstances to management and provide a valid justification.


In summary, this comprehensive guide provides insights into various aspects of Walmart's PTO policies and what happens when you quit or get fired. It's crucial to be well-informed about these policies to make the best decisions for your employment with the company. If you're considering leaving Walmart or have been terminated, understanding your rights and entitlements can help you navigate this process more effectively.

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