Unraveling "The Crown" Season 6: A Deeper Dive into Princess Diana's Portrayal (2023)


The much-anticipated sixth season of "The Crown" has taken a riveting turn, placing Princess Diana in the spotlight. As portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, the late Princess steals the show in the initial four episodes, chronicling the weeks leading up to her tragic demise in 1997.

Departure from Tradition

Unlike its predecessors, Season 6 abandons the traditional "monster of the week" formula, with episodes seamlessly blending into each other. The deliberate chaos mirrors the tumultuous period in history, with the show's break from compartmentalized traditions serving as a metaphor for the institution's biggest disaster.

Cinematic Evolution

"The Crown" initially captivated audiences with its cinematic scale, highlighted by an extraordinary budget. However, Season 6 marks a departure, blurring the lines between episodes and focusing intensely on Princess Diana's narrative.

Metaphorical Explosion

The show's penchant for metaphor reaches new heights in Season 6. While previous seasons hinted at metaphorical elements, this installment extends the metaphor over several hours. The juxtaposition of a celebrity paparazzo and a devoted Scotsman adds layers to the narrative, creating a complex tapestry of Diana's life.

Controversial Choices

Season 6 has not shied away from controversy, including ghostly, posthumous visions of Diana and Dodi. Despite drawing critical fire, the portrayal remains surprisingly gentle on the royals' reaction to Diana's death, choosing to focus more on Mohamed Al-Fayed's role in their relationship.

Al-Fayed's Role

In a surprising twist, the sacrificial figure in Season 6 is Mohamed Al-Fayed, portrayed by Salim Dau. The show suggests that Al-Fayed's relentless campaign for Diana and Dodi's engagement played a significant role in their tragic end. However, this portrayal diverges from real-life events, with Al-Fayed denying any involvement in their relationship.

Artistic License

While TV dramas have the liberty of artistic license, the decision to introduce a fictionalized proposal narrative, especially when the true story is well-documented, raises questions. "The Crown" navigates the delicate balance between dramatization and historical accuracy, leaving the audience to grapple with the blurred lines.


As Season 6 unfolds, "The Crown" continues to push boundaries, weaving a narrative that challenges the conventional portrayal of historical events. The focus on Princess Diana's life and the controversial choices made in depicting key figures add layers of complexity to the show. Whether it's the deliberate chaos, the departure from cinematic scale, or the metaphorical explosion, Season 6 invites viewers to witness a different side of history, one that sparks both fascination and debate.

to explore the intricate details and nuanced choices that define "The Crown" Season 6.

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