Walmart's Comprehensive Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy in 2022 (2023)


In 2022, Walmart's Paid Time Off (PTO) policy stands out as a significant benefit for its employees. Unlike many other retail establishments, Walmart offers a relatively generous PTO policy that encompasses a range of situations, ensuring that employees can maintain a work-life balance, address health concerns, or simply take a break from their regular duties.

Understanding Walmart's PTO Policy

Walmart's PTO policy comes in two forms: Regular PTO and Protected PTO, designed to support their employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Regular PTO

    Regular PTO allows employees to plan their time off for various purposes, such as spending quality time with their families, addressing immediate medical needs, or enjoying holidays without concerns about their income.

  2. Protected PTO

    Protected PTO provides a safety net for employees facing sudden family or medical emergencies. It offers job security during unforeseen crises, ensuring that employees can take a few days off without fearing job loss.

Eligibility for Personal Leave at Walmart

Walmart's PTO policy is inclusive, granting access to all full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees. However, the rate at which PTO accrues varies based on the employee category.

Calculating Walmart PTO

The calculation of earned PTO hours at Walmart takes into account the following factors:

  • An associate's position within the company
  • Length of tenure with Walmart
  • Whether the associate receives hourly wages or a salary

For instance, an employee with three years of service may accrue PTO at a rate of 1 hour for every 11.8 hours worked, while those with 20 years of service might earn PTO at a rate of 1 hour for every 6.8 hours worked. Detailed schedules are available through the Walmart Employee Portal or the Wire.

Earning PTO Hours

It's worth noting that employees can continue accruing PTO even while they are using their earned PTO hours. PTO is acquired through various forms of hourly service, including regular hours worked, overtime, disaster pay, bereavement leave, jury duty, enhanced military leave hours, reporting pay, and sick and personal time used when an employee lacks sufficient PTO hours.

Using PTO on Holidays

Walmart typically operates on many holidays, and employees may have work obligations. However, employees have the flexibility to use their available PTO hours if they wish to spend the day with their loved ones. Importantly, you cannot work at the store during a holiday and simultaneously use PTO hours.

Understanding the PTO Plan Year

Walmart's PTO plan year differs from the calendar year, spanning from February 1 to January 31.

Carrying Over Accrued PTO Hours

At the end of the plan year, employees can carry over up to 80 hours of PTO for full-time employees and 48 hours for part-time employees. Any remaining balance is paid out in the first paycheck of February. It's essential to be aware that these cash-out payments are taxable income.

Requesting PTO at Walmart

To request PTO at Walmart, employees need to visit the Global Time & Attendance (GTAP) site for approval. It's crucial to inform management as soon as possible when the need for time off arises to ensure the availability of replacement staff. The GTAP system automatically selects the most appropriate PTO type for each situation. Sick days, when PTO is requested, are considered excused absences, primarily when Protected PTO is available. Any additional PTO requirements, such as waiting for short-term incapacity to commence, fall under Regular PTO.

Consecutive PTO Usage

Associates can initiate PTO requests in 15-minute intervals, and there is no set limit on the number of consecutive days that can be requested, as long as the associate has sufficient PTO hours in their balance.

Extending Paid Time Off

Full-time Walmart employees may extend their paid time off in the case of significant medical conditions by using short-term disability benefits. In situations where short-term disability isn't applicable, such as when a family member is ill, employees may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA).

PTO Approval and Denial

To ensure that absence is appropriately managed, Walmart employees must request PTO as early as possible. The approval of PTO requests is subject to the availability of accrued PTO hours and the presence of sufficient staff to cover the absence. It's important to note that Walmart's attendance policy may still count any absence as an incident.

Pay Frequency at Walmart

Walmart pays its employees on a weekly basis.


In conclusion, Walmart's PTO policy is a valuable employee benefit that provides flexibility and support in various situations. Eligible employees can use PTO for a range of purposes, and the accrual system is based on factors like position and tenure. Understanding the intricacies of Walmart's PTO policy empowers employees to make the most of this valuable benefit.

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